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It’s almost Christmas in the sleepy undersea town of Coral Cove and all the mermaid boys and girls are excitedly waiting for Santa to visit.


But as everyone knows, Santa can’t swim and his reindeers really don’t like the water much either (Except Rudolph, he swims like a fish!). So how does Santa get the presents to all the mermaid children?

Easy. He borrows our Submarine! It’s the perfect size for the elves and only needs a tiny amount of magic dust to convert it into something that the elves can operate.


Now every year Santa can get to Coral Cove without so much as getting his boots wet, and the delighted mermaid children will always get their Christmas gifts. And with a wee bit more magic dust, we’ll keep your boots dry too.


So join us this Christmas as we invite you to explore Coral Cove, meet Santa, (He already knows you are coming, And you can make sure he knows what you would like for Christmas) and watch some of his elves hard at work making all this magic happen in their own fantastic way.


Prepare to dive. It’s going to be a very enchanted journey!


SANTAS SUBMARINE is a unique and magical Christmas experience and opens on Saturday December 3rd. Tickets can be purchased at the door and costs £8 per child (includes Santa visit and gift) and £2 per adult.

A huge thanks to Phil at Admin Design for sponsoring this years event!


Opening Hours: (last admittance 4:30pm)

Sat 3rd Dec - 11am to 5pm

Sun 4th Dec - 11am to 5pm

Sat 10th Dec - 11am to 5pm

Sun 11th Dec - 11am to 5pm

Sat 17th Dec - 11am to 5pm

Sun 18th Dec 11am to 5pm

Last admittance 5:30pm

Mon 19th Dec - 3:30pm to 6pm

Tues 20th Dec - 3:30pm to 6pm

Wed 21st Dec - 3:30pm to 6pm

Thurs 22nd Dec - 3:30pm to 6pm

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